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Mortgage Checklist

Your Home Buying Checklists
Applying for a home loan doesn’t have to be complicated. In general, your lender will be looking for information related to your income, account balances, monthly expenses, debt totals and residence history.

Review this checklist to make sure you know which documents and pieces of information you need to have on hand to simplify the mortgage loan process.  

What you need for your mortgage application
All financial companies operate with different mortgage requirements. You may need to provide the following items after you have applied for a mortgage:

  • Financial statements like checking and savings accounts
  • Employment and income information, including pay stubs and W-2s
  • Tax information from the past two years
  • Investment statements and retirement account statements from the past several months
  • A list of assets, like other real estate, CDs or stocks and bonds
  • Information on any loans, including student loans, auto loans and personal loans
  • A list of your current expenses

Based on your financial history and current life stage, you may need to gather additional information. Your home loan officer will help you through that process during the application phase.

What you need when closing a deal
The closing process when buying a home comes with lots of paperwork, but your realtor and mortgage lender can answer your questions each step of the way. Below is a brief list of items to look for during the close:

  • Home title transfer documents, moving ownership from the seller to the buyer
  • Net proceeds from the sale in check form, transferred to the seller
  • Mortgage loan paperwork, signed by all parties who are purchasing the home
  • Fee payments for all relevant fees, like commissions, title insurance and pro-rated property taxes
  • Down payment transfer from the buyer to the seller
  • Home key turnover

With the help of professionals and a clear sense of each step, your home buying experience can be simple and stress-free. Click "GO" to get started on your UMB mortgage loan application.

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